Vision — Stable Ground

The memory is still so clear.

The taxi-cab pulled up in front of the homeless shelter. I got out of the car, trying to keep my belongings from falling out of my beautiful, leather satchel. There was so much chaos going on around me: People screaming at each other, the rancid smell of drugs, people huddled together in clusters on the streets.

I remember that a pair of my underwear fell on to the street and that when I picked it up, a woman yelled loudly: “You sure got good taste!”

Determined to ignore her, I walked resolutely to the front door of the shelter. I could not fathom the trauma that had brought me to that shelter. I was so afraid that I could not allow myself to feel my fear. Only now, in the safety of a warm and peaceful home, can I cry for the woman I was then.

I want to go back in time and save myself from what was about to happen to me in homelessness. That is impossible.

Here, however,  is what I can do:  I can open people’s minds to the complex nature of collapse and the realities of breathtaking recovery.

—  Lori Teresa Yearwood

On October 4, 2018, I founded, Stable Ground, an LLC.  My vision: To help women on the precipice of homelessness find true stability.  I am not sure when the next step will come,  as my writing needs to be my top priority right now. Currently, I am working on my memoir.

Therefore, I am pausing to carefully consider the timing of my vision, so that I can create the rock-solid foundation that Stable Ground needs and deserves.

photo by Cass Studios Salt Lake City